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  • Market Place asked 3 companies to recycle Canadian plastic and secretly tracked it. Only 1 company recycled the material

    After several instances of Canadian plastic waste turning up overseas, Marketplace wanted to track the lifecycle of Canadian plastic. So we bought bales of film plastic ready for recycling, hid trackers inside them, and then re-inserted the plastic back into the recycling stream in British Columbia. (Eric Szeto/CBC) Read More

  • ‘Abundant’ raw sewage touted to heat and cool aquatic centre

    October 1, 2019 – Raw sewage flowing through a massive trunk line running under Riverside Drive — is being heralded as an untapped energy source to heat and cool the Windsor International Aquatic Centre. “Sewage, or waste water, is in abundance,” said Sergio Grando, the city’s manager of energy initiatives. The pilot project is expected to reduce the $270,000 annual energy costs for heating the pool, and heating and cooling the air in the downtown swimming facility, by at least $150,000. There is also the potential to sell any excess heat to District Energy, which provides heating and cooling to major downtown customers. Read More

  • Cities urge federal leaders to wade into wastewater debate

    September 1, 2019 – Billions of litres of untreated wastewater pouring into Canadian waterways: Environment Canada. The Canadian Press · 


     July 30, 2019 – A local group (Friends of The Porcupine River Watershed) is calling on people to lobby the government to reverse budget cuts to the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA). Concerned about the amount of sewage being bypassed into Porcupine Lake, Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed has been working with CELA, a non-profit specialty law clinic, for more than a year. Read More

  • Timmins residents take advantage of annual hazardous waste day An estimated 50 to 65 tonnes of hazardous waste materials are removed from the city during this annual one-day event. The parking lot of the Archie Dillon Sportsplex quickly turned into the most hazardous place in Timmins over the weekend. Of course, that was by design. Saturday was hazardous waste day, an event hosted by the City of Timmins that allowed residents to dispose of all sorts of items in a safe and proper way. The city’s website also has a tool called the “Waste Wizard,” which identifies when and how your particular waste items can be recycled or disposed of. READ FULL ARTICLE

  • Filtering Microplastics from Your Machines: Ontario town to test potential solution for keeping microplastics out of the Great Lakes While Great Lakes’ communities have organized plastic pollution cleanups and recycling campaigns for decades now, the threat of microplastics water pollution is only starting to sink in. According to the United States Geological Survey, there are 112,000 particles of microplastics per square mile of Great Lakes water. One potential solution for keeping microplastics out of the lakes is washing machine filters, and it’s a solution that researchers in Ontario will be exploring over the next couple of years. READ FULL ARTICLE
  • “More Homes, More Choice Act” guts protections for Ontario’s most vulnerable plants and animals. READ FULL ARTICLE
  • Ottawa announces plans to ban single-use plastics starting in 2021 at the earliest – read more
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  • September 12, 2018 – Enhanced water sampling approved for Porcupine Lake … read more
  • September 11, 2018 – Council votes in favour of 3rd party sampling, not just surface, including shoreline clean-up and dredging MRCA will also be directly involved … see web-cast
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  • Darcy Perron articles 1999 – 2000 HERE

July 10, 2016
The sunny weather on Sunday made for a perfect day to plant some trees along the Porcupine River in South Porcupine. The initiative was organized by the Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed and included volunteers, Mackenzie Campsall, Brooke Kirley, Liah Shaw, Meaghan Stringer, Heidi Etzel and her five-year-old daughter Allie Etzel-Lizotte

June 21, 2015
2,000 shrubs and trees were planted along the Porcupine River on Highway 101 in South Porcupine and on Pearl Lake behind the McIntyre Arena in Schumacher thanks to the efforts of Meaghan Stringer, and other volunteers with the Friends of The Porcupine River Watershed. The event took place on Saturday afternoon where Stringer, who is also a youth steward ranger for the Ministry of Natural Resources, helped plant vegetation to increase biodiversity and repair damage that has been done along the watershed from mining and human activity.

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