Angie Corson MSc., – Education/Community Outreach

Angie Corson is a Senior Biologist with Blue Heron Environmental. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Biology and an Environmental Certificate from Laurentian University. Ms. Corson has over 10 years of working experience both in the field and writing ecological reports. Ms. Corson has considerable experience assembling environmental reports and performing many types of environmental studies. Angie has performed studies in: Environmental Impact Studies, Site Evaluation Reports, Fish Habitat Assessments, Stream assessments, Natural Heritage Evaluations, Ecological Baseline Studies, Species at Risk Evaluations and Surveys and detailed Vegetation Inventories including Closure Monitoring. Ms. Corson is certified to perform Wetland Evaluations in Ontario (OWES) and trained in the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource (OMNR) ecological classification system. Angie has published several research papers. Ms. Corson has operated as an independent environmental consultant, further refining her networking and writing skills. Ms. Corson’s work also extends into the field, identifying significant wildlife habitat, performing species at risk surveys, and impact mitigation. In addition, she has working experience in the mining industry on numerous projects including Environmental Evaluations, Re-vegetation Protocols for closure plans, Data collection and environmental monitoring. “I want to be involved with the Friends of the Porcupine Lake Watershed because I grew up around the Lake and I care a whole lot about the future of our Watershed.”

Cristina Colantonio – Membership Co-ordinator

Born and raised in Schumacher, now calling South Porcupine home. I have a background in Natural Resource Science and am an amateur botanist, having a deep admiration for the flora and fauna of the Boreal Forest. I’ve always been an advocate for our natural environment and truly believe through community involvement, education and perseverance we can make a positive impact in our watershed health.

Roxane Filion – Special Projects Co-ordinator

A healthy ecosystem is critical for humans and wildlife so Roxane joined the board to do her part in helping protect the Porcupine Lake Watershed. A resident of South Porcupine since 2003, she is passionate about all flora and fauna but is especially involved in promoting the appreciation of the regional bird species. She documents bird sightings in the Timmins area, participates in citizen science projects and maintains the Porcupine Lake checklist of birds. Every season, she witnesses the importance of Porcupine Lake as a crucial habitat for breeding and migrating birds and would love future generations to witness it too. 

Rick Cecconi – Communication Coordinator/Website Design/Maintenance

Born and raised in South Porcupine, lived very close to Porcupine Lake and spent many days fishing there with friends. Many of my friends lived in Porcupine, in the winter I would snow mobile across the lake to visit my friends and then girlfriend Debbie. In 1976 got married to Debbie and made the big move to Timmins.

In 2007 Debbie and I started up TimminsGetClean. We were fed up with the huge amounts of litter in the city and decided to do something about it. We organized city wide litter cleanups with the help of converned volunteers and the City of Timmins.

We shut down TimminsGetClean in the fall of 2010 but in those 4 short years volunteers picked up 16 metric tons of litter from our city.

I’m definitely concerned about the condition of Porcupine Lake and watershed.

Now that I’m retired there is no better way to volunteer some of my free time with Friends of The Porcupine River Watershed.

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Council to the Board of Directors

Meagan Stringer – Historical Representative (Non Voting)

“Meaghan grew up in South Porcupine to a big family with a love for the outdoors. Growing up, her father spent time contributing to the community and was influential in the creation of the Rotary Trail between South Porcupine and Timmins, now named the Ross Stringer Memorial Trail in his honour.  Meaghan regular bikes around Porcupine Lake and shares the area with family and friends. Having spent the last four summers working for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Meaghan has been able to use her skills to build partnerships between the Stewardship Youth Ranger Program and industry and community partners in Timmins and Area, including the Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed. She is currently enrolled in her fourth year at Ryerson University in the Media Production program. She respects and values what the board members and community stakeholders bring to the table and is hopeful in remediation efforts for the Porcupine Lake. “

 A letter from the Board of Directors


At Friends of The Porcupine River Watershed our goal and mission statement is to Improve water quality and safe recreational use of the Porcupine River Watershed; through public education of conservation and sustainable practices.

To provide community based guidance for the good management, enhancement and utilization of healthy, sustainable, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.