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Brenda Torresan – President

Born in 1953.

A Lifetime South Porcupine resident, now retired.

A community volunteer member who works tirelessly at making the community a better place to live and play.

“I grew up in the times when our lake was accessible for recreation and our community used the Lakes, both Bob’s and Porcupine, for community outdoor events and gatherings. It was perfect. Where families and friends reminisced about the good lake, the great fishing and the love for nature.”

As president of the FPRW board, I watch our team carry on the work of healing our watershed with our community. “I look forward to having our upcoming generations, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren live active and clean lives in our Porcupine area.”

As a gardener, nature lover and someone who loves the earth, my hope, through the FPRW is to continue improving to produce and sustain a rich environment. The FPRW is committed to the community. Through the FPRW, I learn everyday, there are new ideas, new contacts, new partnerships and new successes. There are new plans, new policy and new ways to proceed in healing the watershed.

The FPRW is a priority and has the best interests for this community.

“Let us care, share our knowledge, understand the words of commitment and continue to grow the watershed.”

Angie Corson – Vice President

Angie Corson is a Senior Biologist with Blue Heron Environmental. She graduated with a Masters of Science in Biology and an Environmental Certificate from Laurentian University. Ms. Corson has over 10 years of working experience both in the field and writing ecological reports. Ms. Corson has considerable experience assembling environmental reports and performing many types of environmental studies. Angie has performed studies in: Environmental Impact Studies, Site Evaluation Reports, Fish Habitat Assessments, Stream assessments, Natural Heritage Evaluations, Ecological Baseline Studies, Species at Risk Evaluations and Surveys and detailed Vegetation Inventories including Closure Monitoring. Ms. Corson is certified to perform Wetland Evaluations in Ontario (OWES) and trained in the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resource (OMNR) ecological classification system. Angie has published several research papers. Ms. Corson has operated as an independent environmental consultant, further refining her networking and writing skills. Ms. Corson’s work also extends into the field, identifying significant wildlife habitat, performing species at risk surveys, and impact mitigation. In addition, she has working experience in the mining industry on numerous projects including Environmental Evaluations, Re-vegetation Protocols for closure plans, Data collection and environmental monitoring. “I want to be involved with the Friends of the Porcupine Lake Watershed because I grew up around the Lake and I care a whole lot about the future of our Watershed.”

Roxane Filion – Secretary

A resident of South Porcupine since 2003, Roxane has a passion for nature and birds. Every season, she witnesses the importance of the watershed’s lakes and wetlands as crucial habitats for breeding and migrating birds and joined the FPRW’s Board to play a role in promoting the watershed’s health. She is the Timmins’ area Regional Coordinator for the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas (2021-2025). She also sits on the Ontario Field Ornithologist’s Northern Ontario Birds Committee and loves encouraging people to discover the beauty of our area’s birds. She believes promoting appreciation for nature plays an important role in conservation.

Donna MItchell – Treasurer

A resident of South Porcupine for 39 years.
A book keeper for 20 years and has worked for Canada Post for 10 years.
Loves nature, camping, fishing and sharing outdoor life with family and friends.
A member of the FPRW since 2017 and annually shares in the FPRW community cleanup event.
A mother and grandmother.
A sports fan and fan cheerleader.
“My concern for nature and our waterway is the future for myself, my families and extended families.”
I look forward in developing the FPRW and assisting this board any way I can.
Donna Mitchell

Cristina Colantonio – Membership Coordinator

Born and raised in Schumacher, now calling South Porcupine home. I have a background in Natural Resource Science and am an amateur botanist, having a deep admiration for the flora and fauna of the Boreal Forest. I’ve always been an advocate for our natural environment and truly believe through community involvement, education and perseverance we can make a positive impact in our watershed health.

I’m also in charge of the Water Rangers lake and river testing with husband Cory and our children. Click HERE to review observations.


Kaileigh Russell – Education /Community Outreach Projects Coordinator

Born and raised in Timmins, I returned to my hometown permanently after working in Toronto for around five years. I hold an Honours Bachelor Degree in Media Studies – Public Relations and a College Diploma in Media Communications – Public Relations. Over the last ten years I’ve gained experience working healthcare, mining and training and development sectors. I’m a passionate community volunteer sitting on the Porcupine District Agricultural Society (Timmins Fall Fair) and Timmins Fur Council boards as well.

I’m a proud outdoorsperson who loves to hike, fish and hunt. I’m also a fourth generation fur trapper, trapping on the same registered trapline that’s been in our family for more than 100 years that lies in the heart of the Porcupine Watershed. I’ve been lucky to have been raised in a family who are passionate about giving back in the community. My grandpa, Bill Russell, was a founding member of the Timmins Fur Council and original Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed group. My dad, Jodie Russell, is active with the Timmins Fur Council and LCC committees.

I’m a self-professed coffee addict, chaos coordinator and lover of wild things and am very happy to join the Friends!

Meagan Stringer – Director at Large

“Meaghan grew up in South Porcupine to a big family with a love for the outdoors. Growing up, her father spent time contributing to the community and was influential in the creation of the Rotary Trail between South Porcupine and Timmins, now named the Ross Stringer Memorial Trail in his honour.  Meaghan regular bikes around Porcupine Lake and shares the area with family and friends. Having spent the last four summers working for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Meaghan has been able to use her skills to build partnerships between the Stewardship Youth Ranger Program and industry and community partners in Timmins and Area, including the Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed. She is currently enrolled in her fourth year at Ryerson University in the Media Production program. She respects and values what the board members and community stakeholders bring to the table and is hopeful in remediation efforts for the Porcupine Lake. “


Rick Cecconi – Communications/Website Coordinator

Born and raised in South Porcupine, lived very close to Porcupine Lake and spent many days fishing there with friends. Many of my friends lived in Porcupine, in the winter I would snow mobile across the lake to visit my friends and then girlfriend Debbie. In 1976 got married to Debbie and made the big move to Timmins.

In 2007 Debbie and I started up TimminsGetClean. We were fed up with the huge amounts of litter in the city and decided to do something about it. We organized city wide litter cleanups with the help of concerned volunteers and the City of Timmins.

We closed the door on TimminsGetClean in the fall of 2010, but in those 4 short years volunteers picked up 16 metric tons of litter from our city.

I’m definitely concerned about the condition of Porcupine Lake and watershed.

Now that I’m retired there is no better way to volunteer some of my free time with Friends of The Porcupine River Watershed.

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