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Darcy Perron Gallery
Darcy is an avid outdoorsman, photographer and lifelong resident of the Porcupine. Darcy has kindly allowed the Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed to showcase some of his  photos of Porcupine Lake and the wildlife that inhabit the area. As you can see, Darcy has the ability to capture Porcupine Lake in all its beauty.

Unfortunately, over the years, the lake has been the victim of too many sewage overflows and inadequate city infrastructure. 
The Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed are determined to save the lake and the surrounding watershed.

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Andrew is a Northern Ontario based graphic designer and photographer who is proud to call Porcupine home and fortunate to live close to Porcupine Lake where he enjoys spending time walking and photographing the changing seasons along it’s shore and exploring the river and other lakes in the area it is a part of.  “I spent my younger years living in Ottawa before moving to Timmins in my early teens and clearly remember exploring the lake on my first visit to Timmins and marveling at how wild and natural it was compared to the more developed areas I knew down south. I enjoy it just as much now 40 years later as I did that day and firmly believe our community should do as much to preserve and protect it as possible

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Pekka Tuohimaa Gallery

Pekka is a lfe long resident of the Porcupine where he raised his son whom now lives in North Bay as a  Correctional Officer.

In 1986 Pekka retired from the trucking industry, got back into the workforce in 2006 as a limo  and coach driver. Pekka did that for 10 years on a part time basis.

Photography has been Pekka’s passion for many years and loves taking photos around Porcupine Lake. Pekka keeps very fit by walking 24 kilometers daily (yes, you read that right) and its during those walks he takes many of his photos. Pekka not only takes pictures of the beautiful wildlife around the lake but goes one step further and photographs the ugliness of littered items that are dumped or left behind in our watershed.

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General Gallery

Here are some random photos friends have sent to us. If you have photos of the Porcupine Lake, Porcupine River and it’s watershed and would like to share please send to [email protected]

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Yellow Fish Program Gallery

“The purpose of the program is just to raise awareness about stormwater pollution and we’re painting yellow fish on the sides of the stormdrains as a visual reminder that only rain is supposed to go down the storm drains,” said Crystal Percival, MRCA drinking water source protection lead.

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This is a great example of what happens when our community comes together! Thank you to our amazing board members, volunteers and sponsors for helping us clean Porcupine Lake. Together we filled a dump truck of trash! You guys are the absolute best.

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Winners of our Draw Your Perfect Porcupine Lake contest! Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit entries, there are some pretty perfect Porcupine Lakes here! If you did not pick up your prize at the Porcupine Lake Clean Up, please send us a message!

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