October 2, 2018

Boating on the Porcupine River can be a challenge, the plants that you see is mostly duckweed that floats at the top. What you don’t see is the forest of milfoil in the water rooted to the bottom. There appears to be blotches of algae floating within the duckweed. This thick patches of vegetation also capture and hold large logs and branches making navigation difficult.October 2, 2018 – Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed send letter to Mayor and Council on disturbing river conditions:Good morning Mayor and Council. The Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed would like to share with you how our water system looks today (morning photo today) and a few thoughts about the system.Please take a moment to have a look and a read.This water flows down the Porcupine River to Nighthawk Lake, the Frederick House River and north to James Bay. We should be OUTRAGED at the lack of action to address this pollution.This should be an election issue, not just for the City of Timmins, but also in future Federal and Provincial elections. Read more here