There are some substances that are particularly dangerous for your drain. Follow some simple rules and avoid dumping certain things down your drain to save your money and nerves. Why is a clogged drain so terrible in the first place? The most obvious reason is that you can do serious and expensive damage to your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, the water in your drains is dirty already, and it obviously gets worse with garbage inside. Finally, not only does it give off a terrible smell, but it can also cause complications with certain health conditions like asthma or allergies. Next time you’ve had a delicious meal, scrape any leftovers from your plate into the trash where they belong instead of washing them down the drain. Remember that eggshells, coffee grounds, oils and fats, as well as flour, should never go in your drain. Some people think that medicine dissolves easily in water, so they throw expired pills down the drain. In reality, they don’t dissolve in water, they contaminate it. Hair is one of the most common reasons why pipes get clogged in the bathroom. When the hair goes into the tub’s drain, it gets stuck inside and forms a ball that acts likes a net for other waste. Condoms and feminine products are a nightmare for your toilet’s pipes and drain, as well.

  • Rice and pasta
  • Eggshells
  • Milk
  • Flour
  • Coffee grounds
  • Oil and fats
  • Medicine
  • Hair
  • Stickers from fruit and jars
  • Building waste
  • Condoms
  • Cigarette buttsFeminine products

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  • Pasta and rice absorb water and expand blocking the drain
  • Eggshell pieces can get stuck to each other and form one big massive hunk over time.
  • If you pour it down the drain in large amounts, milk can cause some serious environmental problems.
  • Imagine flour and water combining inside your drain and making a glue-like substance. It can attract other waste and form a huge clog.
  • Coffee grounds are one of your drain’s arch nemeses
  • Cooking oil mixes with other kinds of waste and strengthens their clogging powers.
  • Believe it or not, medicines don’t dissolve in water, they contaminate it.
  • When the hair goes into the tub’s drain, it gets stuck inside and forms a ball that acts likes a net for other waste.
  • Stickers themselves are made of materials that take a very long time to decompose, plus, they have glue on them.
  • Never put building waste, be it even tiny pieces and powder-like debris, down the drain.
  • Condoms can stretch really well and get stuck inside pipes or get filled with air, water, or other waste which will lead to a very serious clog.
  • Cigarette butts are made of a synthetic material that never dissolves and harmful chemicals, like nicotine, which can contaminate the water supply.
  • Remember that feminine products can dramatically increase in size, and it leads to a very serious clog.

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