Biodiversity — literally the variety of life — is an indicator that an area is ecologically stable and healthy. It is considered an environmental health index — or the canary in the coal mine, so to speak. The more species present in an environment, the higher the biodiversity of that environment and the better its health.

To help us determine the health of an ecosystem, we can use Bioblitzes. A Bioblitz is a participatory search for species within a limited area and a limited timeframe that takes a “snapshot” of as many living things as possible. People from all walks of life help out — expert and amateur naturalists, taxonomic scientists and the general public. The species records are compiled into a single data set of the biodiversity in that location at that point in time, which is then available to researchers, scientists and policy-makers to help them make informed decisions about wildlife management.

Here’s the key part: you can be directly involved in determining the health of an area by participating in — or hosting — a Bioblitz!

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