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FPRW thanks all Litter Warriors that help to make our community clean. We really appreciate your help, keep up the good work!

If you choose to do your part to help keep our East End clean of litter, FPRW says that is great. Remember to stay only with people you live with when outside or by yourself when doing a cleanup. It is exercise for sure picking up and collecting litter. Rake, rake, pick up, pick up, carry bags, carry bags and a few steps between. FPRW appreciates everyone’s help. Need bags or gloves send a text to 705-363-0166 with your address information and you will receive a social distancing drop off. Thanks again to all our Litter Warriors.

Check back often for our growing list of Litter Warriors and areas they have cleaned.

Awareness Notice

Found hypodermic needle today while doing litter cleanup. Please do not touch unless you are sure how to dispose of them properly. Usually tongs and an needle disposal container are used. If you have your phone take a picture and know your location. Leave a marker if you can (flagging tape) Call it in to the PHU at 705-267-1181 or City of Timmins at 705-264-1331. If you find one in town you can call The Living Space at 705-531-7233. Today the Needle was successfully removed safely by the parent and brought to the Needle Disposal Box beside the South Porcupine Post Office. Please use all safety and caution with Needles. Thank you.

Zézé and Grandpa Michel Dupuis – April 18, 2021

Picked up scrap metal along the Nighthawk Peninsula Road with some garbage too!

Doing their part.” pictures by Chantal Dupuis-Mathurin

From Michel: “Hello Ms. Brenda : ) Clean up of road /bush debris completed from HWY 101 East to end of Nighthawk Peninsula Road / Box of truck was also full of Recyclables and Garbage / pic was taken near the end of  peninsula west point off north -east bay ? Our Contribution to helping Mother earth and our environment : ) Have a great day  : ) Izeah And Michel : ) Thank you so much for your efforts.  FPRW is proud of your work and the example you are setting.


Community Senior helps with cleaning up other’s garbage

April 17, 2021 – As many times before Glenn Hart did his part to collect garbage from Action Refrigeration to the corner on the East side of Crawford Street. Thank you from FPRW for your help in keeping our community clean. Your name will be entered into our Litter Warrior random draw for 2021. Appreciated!

Such Positive Energy!!

April 17, 2021 – Thank you Amy and Shawn Lavoie for cleaning the ditches on both sides from Ferguson to Crawford from the Bus Line to Spillenar. they collected 4 large bags of garbage. Thank you very much from FPRW and your names will go into the Litter Warrior random draw that will take place in late July 2021.

Brett Lalonde – April 18, 2021

FPRW Litter Warrior Brett Lalonde cleaned first 2 km. of Springer’s road and the ends of Tisdale and Allen along bush line. She commented” My pleasure. the earth breaths a little easier today”
FPRW thanks you for your time and this work. Your name will be entered into our random draw for late July 2021.

Lynn and Yvon – April 17, 2021

Thank you Lynn and Yvon for taking the time to clean up on Evans Street by Laffin Crs. to the OLD Tisdale Shop area in the West field. So much trash. FPRW appreciates this large clean up and will enter your names in the Litter Warrior’s Draw. This garbage could have made its way into the Porcupine Creek. Thank you for making sure it did not..

Bertha Shaw School Ground – April 18, 2021

Van and Gunner Mondor want to thank the kids who cleaned up  for them as that is where they go to school.. these young boys (6&7) also commented “some people don’t care about litter or walk by the garbage, but good thing there are people that clean the litter” Kids are listening and watching. These boys often do their part with their parents.
Earth Day is April 22nd and I’m sure Mother Earth appreciates everything you are doing. Thank you.

Kim Duke, Avery and Mason – April 18, 2021

Weather outside is perfect for Spring Clean Ups. Today FPRW thank Kim Duke, Avery and Mason for their clean up from PS4 to the new EMS Fire Hall Building (ditches too!) and FPRW thanks Catherine Markiewicz for helping finish the Golden Avenue area clean up and the ball diamond. Everyone’s names will be entered into our random July Draw for prizes. Looking great out there caring public cleaners. Thank you.

Halt Grandchildren assisted in cleaning litter

The Halt Grandchildren assisted in cleaning litter at RMSS today and filled 3 grocery bags. thank you so much and FPRW will enter you names in our random Litter Warrior Draw taking place in July 2021. Good job done by all.

Thank you

Marie-Eve Proulx and Gabriel for a clean up of this area today. You will also be entered into the Litter Warrior campaign. Great work!
Hopefully after we come back for the soggy blankets, this area will not be known as “the junk clearing”, but just “the clearing” during our walks on the Bart Thompson trail.
Gabriel’s observations: “I like doing this, in a way, but I don’t like that we have to do it. I like helping the environment, but people should know better “. Out of the mouths of babes.

Friday 04-16-2021, Clean Up News

Thank you to the Clark Family. Christopher, Beth, Declan and Brecken for picking up litter at the Barn Parking Lot, South Porcupine YMCA Soccer Fields and the North Section of Bruce Ave. from the old Ambulance Station to the Anglican Church area. ” Masks, masks, and more masks. Brecken found a machete too. Not even the weirdest thing found which is crazy.” You are true Litter Warriors. Your names will be entered into our July FPRW Draw. So appreciated by all.

Thank you Gabriel

Gabriel never wants his picture on Facebook, but he wanted this posted.
The OPP trail is a bit cleaner than it was. Also, if you’re going to decorate a trail for the holidays, maybe make sure to un-decorate it afterwards. Glitter and styrofoam do not belong there. We didn’t touch poop bags, for lack of PPE. That’s a project for another day.

2021-04-13 – Thank you Litter Warriors

5 youths took it upon themselves to help clean up the Bertha Shaw School Ground yesterday. We have 5 more Litter Warriors for our 2021 Challenge. Great job and so appreciated picking up the trash and filling up a garbage can. If you know and see these kids in your neighborhood, please thank them.
Carter Lefevbre, Bryce Morin, Alex Guenette, Austin Olaveson and Callum Torresan.
FPRW is so proud of your contribution to City Clean Up Initiatives.

Than you Litter Warriors

April 12, 2021 – The Di Tullio family was also out yesterday doing clean up on Ferguson and share this with us. Thank you for taking care of this area.. we know there is more to do however you did an amazing job for our community. FPRW will make sure you have another Litter Warrior entry. Thumbs up to you!

April 11, 2021

Special back road clean up going on today.. well done Polar Bear. Thank you from FPRW and our community

April 6, 2021 Pat & Pauline Austin

2 of our Back Road to Porcupine Litter Warriors. Thank you Pat and Pauline Austin. Out on Saturday cleaning up for all of us. FPRW Appreciate your efforts. B.

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