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Letter Sent to Mayor & Council

Friends of The Porcupine River Watershed

October 2, 2018 - Letter sent to mayor and council: Good morning Mayor and Council. The Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed would like to share with you how our water system looks today (morning photo today) and a few thoughts about the system. Please take a moment to have a look and a read. This water flows down the Porcupine River to Nighthawk Lake, the Frederick House River and north to James Bay. We should be OUTRAGED at the lack of action to address this pollution. This should be an election issue, not just for the City of Timmins, but also in future Federal and Provincial elections. When 4 of us Kayaked down the river from Porcupine Lake we could barely get through the weeds and every time the paddles entered the river there were personal hygiene products plus sewage stuck to the paddles and our kayaks. That is not Effluent discharge. That is illegally discharging raw sewage into a water way. Porcupine lake is connected to 500 miles of water systems. The pollution that has been dumped into this lake for over 50 to 60 years and beyond eventually enters these water systems endangering all Natural Habitats and wildlife. How many species of Life have been effected or made extinct because of this? What right does Humankind have to destroy Natural Habitats and Living Lakes teaming with Wildlife? Eventually even Humankind will become stricken by their own stupidity. It’s also a recreation issue, our motors are having a hard time getting through the weeds. It’s very difficult boating. We used to hunt and paddle the river but too grossed out to even step foot near it...been like this for way too long. We wonder ......if the Kayak Challenge was moved to Porcupine, would the City admit the Lake and River are polluted? These are a few thoughts mentioned by the group we wanted to share with all of you. Thank you ---------------------------- Friends of the Porcupine River Watershed www.friendsoftheporcupineriverwatershed.com email: friendsporcupineriverwatershed@gmail.com Brenda Torresan 705-363-0166
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