My name is Carlie Stransky Ogilvie and I grew up in Timmins, Ontario where my passion for the environment blossomed. I started my career by pursuing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo where I graduated with honours. This program allowed me to gain hands on experience working as a lab technician and marketing coordinator for the university, as a species at risk analyst in nuclear research, and as an ecologist in the Russian arctic. I later returned to Russia where I had the opportunity to learn about arctic restoration and work with local Indigenous reindeer herders. I now work as a sustainability analyst in Toronto where I finished my Masters of Science with Laurentian University. The thesis was an incredible opportunity to return to my roots in Timmins and continue to pursue my passions in environmental research and the promotion of environmental health.

These years of experience have been complemented by the opportunity to go on two separate biological expeditions to the high arctic, researching endangered species and extinct species such as the woolly mammoth. Throughout my academic career, I have been awarded the Dr. Thomas Peters Mining and Environment Masters Bursary, the Ruffed Grouse Scholarship, the Goodman School of Mines Biology Scholarship, among others, and have been titled as the Innovative Researcher of the Year (2019) by the Lang School of Business and Economics.

Metal and Body Condition Assessment in Aquatic Furbearers from the Porcupine River System, Timmins, Ontario