The City of Timmins and the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority joined forces to install twelve new provincially standard ‘drinking water protection zone’ road signs in designated protection zones within the City of Timmins.

The new signage is part of a public education awareness initiative, to alert residents that their actions in these zones can impact the municipal drinking water source – the Mattagami River.

Signs installed on Riverside Drive and Feldman Road, mark locations where roads enter into Intake Protection Zone 1 — the area considered most vulnerable to contamination, as it is the closest to the river intake at the Timmins Water Filtration Plant. Norman Street, Shirley Street, Dalton Road, Garden Road, Wallingford Road, Jaguar Drive, Highway 101 West and Government Road North mark locations where roads enter into Intake Protection Zone 2, a secondary protective zone that extends upstream of Intake Protection Zone 1.

The Intake Protection Zones were determined through scientific and technical studies. The result is a thorough understanding of the drinking water source including mapping of the zones. Next, a local plan to protect our drinking water source was developed.

The Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan sets out special measures that need to be in place in these zones to ensure the long-term protection of the drinking water source. We encourage you to visit the Drinking Water Protection Zone Signs page to find out more information about what these signs mean.


Amendments Have Been Proposed to the Mattagami Region Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report

A workplan for the Mattagami Region was submitted to the Ministry on November 30, 2017 in response to a Ministers order dated April 2, 2014. A Minister’s amended order dated May 7, 2018 was issued under section 36 of the Clean Water Act and directed the Source Protection Authority to ensure updates to the assessment report and source protection plan comply with changes to the General Regulation 287/07 and Director’s Technical Rules as well as include any other mandatory updates identified in the letter.

These amendments include incorporating technical rule changes for significant groundwater recharge areas (SGRA), handling and storage of fuel and including liquid hydrocarbon pipelines as a prescribed drinking water threat. Additionally, a new Restricted Land Use policy was incorporated in the updated plan.

Pursuant to the Clean Water Act, 2006 Section 36 (1) and Ontario Regulation 287/07, Section 50 (1) and (4), the public is invited to comment on these proposed amendments.

Notice of Amendments

Section 36 Amendments: Technical and Policy Amendments

Amendments under Section 36 of the Clean Water Act for the updated Approved Assessment Report, and the Approved Updated Source Protection Plan for the Mattagami Region Source Protection Area can be found below.

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Notice of Amendments

Posted: August 16, 2019

The Proposed Updated Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report was submitted to the Ministry on September 30, 2019. 

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